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Summer Time! <3 '07 RULES

SuMmEr TiMe! <3



. Emily coming June 27

. June 24-26 River trip with Chelsea

. July 11 leaving for Israel

. Aug 8 Baby Brother born

. July 27 B-day/Liscence ;)


Love Always,



Yearbook Signatures




Joey have a fun weekend. x0x0 I love you

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Nice! lots of Signatures! and Btw 06 rules!! Seniors!!
NO way! haha. are u happy to be a senior next year???
<3 Ashley
qtness hottie. we are flippin hanging out this summer i swear to whatever higher power there is!!!!!!!!! end of story! GOT IT?! Mmmk.
<3 Montana
Haha. I hope so. :( I'll for sure see you when I come back from Israel though. I'll have my liscence and we can have our own Beach trip x0x0
you are beautiful!

those are a lot of signatures

haha you're going on a river trip haha that's kinda funny
yay ur sweet! thanks for the comment.
hope that we get to hang out this summer.

David can come too..
maybe j/k



June 18 2005, 03:03:35 UTC 11 years ago

WHO FUCKING POSTS PICTURES OF THE SIGNATURES IN THEIR YEARBOOK?!?!?!?! hahahahahahaha Self involved much? Get a hobby for sobbing out loud. You are ridiculous.
said the kid who posted anonymously on livejournal
yeah.. really cool, besides if you're making fun of her "hobby" then lets hear some of yours faggot
cute pictures!
nice layout.