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There is only one happiness in life.. [entries|friends|calendar]

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Summer Time! <3 '07 RULES [
Thursday, 6/16/05 @ 10:06 pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

SuMmEr TiMe! <3

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Wednesday, 6/15/05 @ 9:46 am]
First Name: Ashley
Middle Name: Rebecca
Nick Names: Foozle, and Boo Boo Wolfy Love
Gender: Female
Age: 15 (16 in July)
Birthday: 07/27/89
Height: 5'5"
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Contacts: No
Braces: No
Hair Short Or Long: Medium
U Were Born Where: Fresno
U Now Live: Calabasas
Asrtrology Sign: Leo (RAWR!)
Chineese Zodiac Sign: I have no idea
Nationality: Jewish? Russian, Polish, Italian
Piercings: Yeah
Tattoos: No
School: Calabasas High
Current grade: 11th Grade
Favorite Subject: Math
Do you buy lunch or bring lunch: Buy
Do you get good grades: Yes
Do you enjoy school: No
Are you popular: No
Favorite grade: 10th
Worst grade: 7th
Best friend: Joe & Montana
Good friends: Adam P, Adam G, Will B, Emily O, Amber L, David D, Melissa G, Chelsea T, and of course Joey
Ever lost a friend because you wanted to take it to the next level: No
Whose your closest friend: Joe
What makes him/her so great: I can talk to him about anything.
Whose the smartest of your friends: Kevin
Loudest: Jason Lasar
Short-tempered: Chas
Funniest: Joe & Jason
Gives best advice: Chelsea
Girlfriend/Boyfriend: Joe
So, baby, are you taken: Yea
Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend: Yea
Do you have a crush: Yea on Joe

Okay guess that's it.


Thursday, 1/22/98 @ 9:54 pm]
Sorry Livejournal is Private

But hey, commented to be added if you aren't already :)

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